IT & ME - Get to know Development

IT & ME - Get to know DevelopmentBasic

Personal Learning track

You are interested in IT, but you don't know well what are the options and possibilities? You're curious about Development? Then this program could be something for you!

Een opleiding, een workshop, een sensibilisatie- of intervisie-sessie, … op maat van uw bedrijf?

Inhoud traject

1. Getting started


This video provides you with information concerning different IT-profiles and an insight in possible paths in the IT-field:

  • Development
  • Systems & Infrastructures
  • Digital marketing
  • Data
  • Project Management & Business Analyst

Individual orientation interview (via Skype or other video tool)

Discussion about your perception of the profiles that were presented in the webinar and their respective content (in terms of required technical and human skills). The purpose of this interview is to see if and which IT-domain is most suitable for you.

[! Based on the orientation interview, it is possible that you are directed to one of the other domains. For the other domains see: Systems & Infrastructures - Digital marketing - Data management - Project management & business analyst ]

2. Online training and coaching (at your disposal for 6 weeks)

Online training

Based on the orientation interview, we provide a MOOC linked to the selected domain: Development.


  • Build your first web pages with HTML and CSS
  • Algorithms & Python
  • Think like a computer: the logic of programming
  • Developing with .NET on Microsoft Azure - Getting Started
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture
  • Modern Java: The Big Picture
  • Java EE: The Big Picture
  • Introduction to SQL
  • MySQL Fundamentals
  • Python: The Big Picture

Technical coaching

The online training is accompanied by technical coaching to guide you through the online MOOC.

Learning coaching

The online training is also accompanied by learning coaching to create the best possible learning conditions for you.

3. Assessment test of acquired skills.

At the end, there will be some summary exercises to check your potential regarding acquiring skills in this type of topic. The results are strictly confidential.


Before you start, you will be asked to pass a test to assess your level in English and another test to assess your basic (digital) competencies.

Voor wie ?

You are interested in IT, but you don't know well what are the options and possibilities. You would like to discover whether IT would be a possible option for you in the future, in particular the domain Development.


  • You have learned about the different profiles and possibilities within the IT sector.
  • You have tasted a first layer of necessary skills in a specific IT-domain, in particular Development.
  • You know whether Development is a domain that suits you in your personal development.
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